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            Upon receipt of the amount of $__________, from the New Owner named below:  I Andrea Forrest,   Owner/Breeder of Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherds, hereby guarantee this German Shepherd, identified by - Microchip number ______________ , can be Certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals [OFA], to be completely free of the debilitating disease of hip and elbow dysplasia. This OFA Certification can not occur until the age of 2 years [OFA's requirement], when the hips and elbows have reached a mature development.   The New Owner is in no way obligated to ever have to under go the expensive process involved in OFA, unless he / she so chooses. If the New Owner chooses to submit this German Shepherd for Certification by the OFA; it must be accomplished within 6 months after the 2nd birthday of the German Shepherd and in the case of a female she must not have been bred prior to submission, in order to fall within this OFA part of our guarantee.

            In addition, I further guarantee that this German Shepherd is Parentage DNA Certified to be free of the genetic disorder (DM) Degenerative Myelopathy.   I guarantee that this German Shepherd will certify as "Normal" through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals [OFA] DNA test for DM, should the buyer wish to have the genetic test preformed at any stage of this dogs life.

            In addition, I further guarantee for one year from this date, against its death due directly to a Veterinarian's diagnoses of a congenital death.   After a German Shepherd leaves my facility, of course, I can no longer be responsible for any kind of accidental death or from any contagious disease or other problems contracted outside of my immediate and direct control.

            In addition, I further guarantee that the ears on this puppy will come up within the 1st year of the pups growth cycle and stay up, excluding any accidental or medical injury incurred after leaving my ownership and direct control.

            In addition, I further guarantee that at this time of transfer of ownership to the New Owner, that this German Shepherd is completely sexually intact for future breeding purposes and is sound in both health and temperament.

            In addition, I fully guarantee that at this time of transfer of ownership to the New Owner, that this German Shepherd is or can be registered with the American Kennel Club AKC with FULL registration and ownership benefits.

            Under this guarantee, should this German Shepherd come under any of the above described guaranteed conditions, we will provide a replacement German Shepherd of the same or higher quality, as soon as possible.
            There are no other warranties expressed or implied other than those expressly stated here.   All sales are final and complete with the free and clear transfer of ownership from Andrea Forrest to the New Owner and there are no expressed or implied co-ownership agreements or restrictions in affect.
            This guarantee must be signed by both parties and one copy returned to Vom Waldenhaus, promptly or within 10 days after receiving the German Shepherd described above.
______________________ _____________________
Andrea Forrest New owner

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